A Mistake That Can Affect Her Pleasure During Oral Sex

A Mistake That Can Affect Her Pleasure During Oral Sex

I’ve received a very interesting message while checking my e-mails this morning and I’d like to share it with you since it’s about a simple mistake that you could be probably making during oral sex…

Greg shares that his lover doesn’t seem to be that excited for oral sex anymore although he pretty much knows the things she likes when he goes down on her. Besides being very familiar with the spots on her genitals that can really make her go wild, he also knows the techniques that get the job done every time.

So Greg is simply confused why his lover isn’t that eager for oral stimulation when things get hot in the bedroom these days. He even adds that he never fails to concentrate on the clitoris right away when he goes down on his partner.

And I think I know what the problem is…

Now while I don’t mean this as something offensive, there’s a chance that you’re not giving your lover the oral sex pleasure she’s always wanted even though you know the areas and techniques she likes when you go down on her.

Sure you may already have an idea how fast or slow your partner likes to be stimulated down there or perhaps the spots she wants you to focus on while at it, but there is a simple mistake a lot of guys seem to overlook during oral sex.

And this mistake is going straight for the clitoris. Let me explain what I mean…

At its simplest, the clitoris is basically a very sensitive part of female genitals. It is shaped like a button and located on the vulva’s frontal end, right above the labia and urethra. Akin to the penis, the clitoris also has erectile tissues that receive a more than usual amount of blood during sexual arousal and can provide pleasurable sensations when stimulated properly.

With more than 8,000 sensory nerve endings, the clitoris is no doubt one of the most sensitive parts of the female anatomy. However, unlike what a lot of men mistakenly think, simply going for it as soon as you and your lover get frisky in bed can possibly lead to other sensations that are not pleasurable at all, even to the point of being painful when stimulated immediately.

This is because the clitoris needs to be eased into it before it can provide sexual pleasure to a woman. You need to allow a sufficient amount of blood to flow through the clitoris first to activate the nerve endings in it or else she will just feel sore no matter how hard you try stimulating it as properly as you can.

So if you’re looking to really pleasure your lover when you go down on her, keep in mind to give the clitoris time to get ready and you’re sure to easily pull it off.

(Now we’ve got that covered, here’s how to know if she is really enjoying the oral stimulation you are giving her.)

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