A Simple Trick To Dazzle Your Date

A Simple Trick To Dazzle Your Date

July 22, 2014  |  Dating Advice, Success Principles

So here’s the situation…

A woman you’ve got your eye on for a very long time has finally agreed to go out on a date with you. And if you’re anything like most guys, you probably want to make the whole thing as fantastic as you can so she won’t think twice about going out with you again.

Playing your cards right during a first date also gives you the opportunity to build an emotional connection with a woman, which can easily help you raise your chances of taking your relationship with her to a new level.

The thing is there’s no secret technique that you can do to instantly make your date like you. Sure you may have heard about or perhaps stumbled upon so-called “tricks” that promise to boost your dating success in no time, but as it turns out, pulling the whole thing off is basically a process.

And unless you start off this process properly, the odds of taking out a woman you like the second time around are going to be very slim.

However, I’ve discovered something during my extensive research into the female sexuality that may just help make things easier for you during your first date. I know this sounds simplistic, but making it a point to listen intently to a woman you’re going out with should be a priority in your dating checklist.

Let me explain what I mean…

Now while this may sound surprising, acing a first date isn’t mainly about looking like a movie star and finding the most expensive restaurant in town. Although proper grooming is a must and bringing a woman to a place she’ll feel comfortable in is essential, simply focusing on these two won’t completely dazzle her.

Interestingly, the most important thing you should take note of is making your date trust you. And doing just that requires listening to her intently.

See, besides making your date feel that you are really interested in her, listening attentively also sets off a positive change in her body at the same time. Your date’s brain releases mood-altering hormones that make her feel at ease while being with you, which means you’re already building an emotional connection with her.

And when that happens, your date will be more eager to spend time with you, which means she won’t think twice about going out with you anytime soon. Plus, you will also learn a lot of things about the woman you’re out with that you can use to dazzle her even more as you go along.

So if you’re looking to really make your first date with a woman you’ve got your eye on for a very long time fantastic, make it a point to listen to her intently. You’ll be very surprised how your date will turn out.

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