Are You Having A Problem Getting Hard?

Are You Having A Problem Getting Hard?

If you’re a guy reading this, there’s a chance that having a drink or two is one of the ways you’d like to unwind at the end of the day. Now while there’s nothing with enjoying your favorite brew moderately, overdoing it can easily lead to problems in the bedroom.

Sure this may sound surprising, but as it turns out, regularly loading up on too much alcohol can prevent you from getting a stable erection when you and your lover get frisky in bed. Make sure you follow along to find out more…

However, before we discuss this subject thoroughly, let me give you a quick rundown on how erections work so you will understand why you should always keep in mind to limit your alcohol consumption to reasonable levels.

See, there is a process that gets set off in your body during sexual arousal. As soon as you and your partner are warming things up for lovemaking, your brain fires up the endocrine system to go to work. This results to the release of mood-altering hormones that cause key changes to your system to prepare it for sex.

Besides spiking up your breathing and heart rate, these hormones that are usually comprised of serotonin, oxytocin and endorphin, also make the male erogenous zones extremely sensitive to the touch, especially the nipples and the areas in and around the genitals.

And perhaps the biggest effect of these mood-altering hormones is directing a more than usual amount of blood to the pelvic region, where it flows all the way to the erectile tissues in the penis to firm it up.

Remarkably, unless these erectile tissues get the sufficient amount of blood they need, there is a big possibility that you won’t get as hard as you would like to. Just to make things even scarier, it is also very likely that you will stay soft no matter how hard you try.

Now while we’ve previously discussed how consuming moderate amounts of alcohol can actually do your sex life good, going overboard every time you indulge in your favorite brew is already harmful to your performance in the bedroom.

This is because too much alcohol in the system forces the blood vessels to constrict, making the blood flow to the erectile tissues rather tricky, which means it’s either you’ll have a very weak erection that won’t last very long or you won’t get hard at all.

Aside from not getting rock hard on demand, constricted blood vessels can also put you at risk of serious health issues like stroke, heart attack and cardiovascular problems in the long run. So the next time you’re in the mood for a drink, keep in mind to avoid having too much or else put your ability to get a stable erection at risk.

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