Why Masturbation Can Make You A Better Lover

Why Masturbation Can Make You A Better Lover

During a routine check-up with my physician the other day, I found out that making it a habit to masturbate regularly can help you become a better lover. Sure this may sound crazy right now, but stick with me because it will all make sense soon.

Unlike what a lot of people mistakenly think, masturbation is not just about self-pleasuring. As it turns out, it also has a few awesome benefits that can boost your sexual performance the next time you and your lover get frisky in the bedroom.

Let me explain what I mean…

My doctor revealed that although masturbation may be frowned upon as taboo, making it a regular in your schedule is not just going to help you always get rock hard during sexual arousal, but also steer clear of health issues that can ruin your performance in bed.

According to my physician, there are two major benefits that you can get out of frequently pleasuring yourself. And the first one is its significant contribution to maintaining the ideal blood flow to the genitals.

See, achieving a stable erection when things get hot in bedroom entirely depends on how much blood is directed to the erectile tissues in the penis. Unless they get the ideal amount of blood they need, chances are you’re only either going to have a weak erection that fizzles out easily or perhaps none at all.

Habitual masturbation improves the circulation in the genitals because it helps the blood vessels that send blood to the erectile tissues in the penis stay as active as possible. When these blood vessels become idle for a very long time, there is a very big possibility that they will clog up and harden, making it extremely difficult for blood to flow through.

And that simply means getting a strong erection during sexual arousal can be very tough.

Secondly, my physician also revealed that an Australian study reported that men who ejaculated more than four times every week are less likely to develop prostate cancer in the long run.

This is because besides pushing out semen, ejaculation also gets rid of cancer-causing chemicals that may accumulate along the prostate. It also helps prevent irritation that causes the prostate to swell and make it rather difficult to urinate or perhaps lead to unexpected episodes of incontinence.

So if you still don’t have masturbation in your regular schedule, you’re definitely missing out on the good stuff that it can give you. Why not add it to your daily list of activities right now and experience pleasureĀ andĀ ensure that your sexual performance won’t waver while at it?

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