How To Really Amaze Your Date Easily

How To Really Amaze Your Date Easily

Let me kick things off with a personal story.

A couple of years back, I noticed that my success at attracting women was plummeting no matter how hard I try. I couldn’t seem to score a second date even after doing all that there is to do to make myself more of a catch to the women I go out with.

I just couldn’t understand what I’m doing wrong since besides keeping a close eye on my personal hygiene, I also made sure that I dressed well when going out with a woman on a first date.

So I decided to conduct an extensive research into the female psychology to get to the root of the matter. In doing so, I discovered a habit I had that not only made my dates feel rather uncomfortable, but also easily ruined my chances of going out with them again.

And this attribute is not making regular eye contact with my date. Now while this may sound crazy right now, but you’ll find out more when you follow along…

As it turns out, making eye contact with your date means a lot to the woman you’re going out with.

According to the information I’ve come across during my research, looking your date in the eye not only makes her feel you’re enjoying her company, but also helps establish an emotional connection with her.

No matter how hard you try to make it a great first date for the both of you, not looking a woman you’re going out with in the eye simply makes her feel that you’re really bored with how things are going. Giving your date a glance and looking away immediately sends the same message as well.

And when this happens, a woman’s brain produces a significant amount of cortisol, a type of stress hormone that will make her feel anxious. Besides preventing her from establishing a connection with you on an emotional level, she will also see you as a stressor instead of a potential love interest.

I know pulling this off can be quite tough for some guys, but I’ve also discovered a simple trick on how to make a woman feel you’re making eye contact easily.

The next time you’re on a first date and you can’t seem to look the woman you’re out with in the eye, focus your gaze on the bridge of her nose. She’ll have the notion that you’re making eye contact and you won’t feel awkward while at it as well.

(Now here’s a simple tip to really make a woman adventurous in bed.)

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