Are You Coming Too Soon Because Of This Simple Mistake?

Are You Coming Too Soon Because Of This Simple Mistake?

While browsing a medical journal the other day, I stumbled upon an article that explained how worrying too much about satisfying your lover during sex can easily lead to premature ejaculation.

As it turns out, getting too anxious when you and your partner are getting things hot in the bedroom can make you pop sooner than you’d like to. Now while this may sound a bit crazy right now, you’ll find out more when you follow along.

See, the body goes through a step by step process during sexual arousal to achieve orgasm and eventually ejaculation. Unlike what a lot of guys mistakenly think, it isn’t something that can happen at a drop of a hat as soon as you get an erection.

Interestingly, the brain oversees this process by stimulating the endocrine system to produce and release specific hormones that induce a few significant changes in the body not just to help you get ready for lovemaking, but also experience pleasure while at it.

The changes these hormones cause include faster breathing, a sped up heart rate, heightened sensitivity to the erogenous zones and an increased amount of blood directed to the erectile tissues in the penis to firm it up.

These hormones also boost the pleasurable sensations the body goes through during sexual arousal. This is the reason why a simple flick of the tongue to the inner ear lobes can feel really good during lovemaking.

However, this is what happens when the right hormones are released by the glands of the endocrine system. A different scenario occurs when the wrong ones are let loose.

Besides disrupting the supply of blood to the pelvic region that can greatly affect the quality of your erections, it also confuses the tactile sensations the body experiences leading to a hastened orgasm, which inevitably leads to premature ejaculation.

And this premature ejaculation-causing mistake is actually worrying too much during sex, particularly if you’re really giving your lover the satisfaction she needs.

Getting extremely anxious during lovemaking alters the types of hormones that the brain stimulates the endocrine system to release. Instead of producing the hormones that make sex pleasurable, they release stress hormones called norepinephrine, cortisol and adrenaline.

Norepinephrine, cortisol and adrenaline are usually released by the system when it senses that it is in a potentially risky situation. When this happens during lovemaking, these hormones take the whole sexual arousal process into overdrive and will only make you ejaculate quicker than you’d like to.

So if you’re looking to last longer the next time things get hot in the bedroom, keep in mind that being a worrywart only ruins the experience.

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