Why You Should Get A Pair Of Running Shoes Today

Why You Should Get A Pair Of Running Shoes Today

I’ve always believed that having the right amount of sexual stamina is one of the key factors of truly satisfying your lover in the bedroom. And one of the best ways to boost it is making running or jogging a regular in your daily schedule.

If you’re anything like most men, you probably think that having jogging or running on your everyday regimen is something that is only exclusive for extreme fitness buffs. However, I’m sure you’re going give it a shot when you follow along…

At its simplest, sexual stamina is basically the staying power you have when you and your lover get frisky in bed. Sure it may sound a bit technical, but it simply means how long you will be able to keep on pleasuring your partner during sex.

Just imagine your lover’s disappointment if you get too tired to keep on going when things get hot in the bedroom. And now we’ve got that cleared up, here is how running or jogging can easily help increase your sexual stamina…

See, making it a point to regularly go on a jog or a run is essentially one effective method to keep the heart healthy, which is a priority if you’re looking to keep on getting strong erections and having fairly high energy levels during lovemaking.

Besides optimizing the flow of blood in the body to send a sufficient amount to the erectile tissues in the penis to help you get rock hard on demand during sexual arousal, having a healthy heart also prevents you from getting tired immediately as soon as you get in action in bed.

Plus, having a healthy heart maintains the natural strength and flexibility of veins and arteries that act as passageways for blood to flow through.

If these arteries and veins get clogged up or lose their elasticity, there is a very big possibility that blood won’t get to the erectile tissues in the penis on time or there won’t be enough to get a strong erection going.

Just to make things scarier, there is even a chance that you won’t get an erection at all.

Moreover, I’ve also recently stumbled upon a scientific study that supports my claim on running and jogging as a way to keep your erections strong. According to researchers at Harvard University, adult men who regularly go on a run or a jog at least three hours every week have 30 percent lower risk of suffering from erectile dysfunction.

So how about integrating running or jogging in your regular schedule as soon as you can to ensure you’ll always rise up to the occasion when things get hot in the bedroom?

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