A Simple Trick To Make You More Attractive To Women

A Simple Trick To Make You More Attractive To Women

I’ve always been asked by avid readers of this blog how to make themselves more attractive to women easily. Well, to tell you the truth, there’s one thing you can do to pull it off.

And it’s taking showers regularly. Sure this sounds a bit simplistic right now, but it will all make sense when you follow along.

While I was still researching extensively into the female psychology, I discovered that grooming plays a key role when it comes to attracting women. Besides helping you look and smell nicer, paying close attention to your grooming also makes a woman feel that you’re conscious with your health and well-being.

However, there is one very significant effect of grooming on a man’s body that a lot of guys don’t know about. Interestingly, keeping a close eye on your regular grooming also makes you feel better about yourself.

Let me explain what I mean…

During my research, I learned that the brain stimulates the production of feel good hormones when a man is taking a bath or having a dip in the tub. Scientists explain that this is primarily triggered by the sudden exposure to pleasant scents that are normally experienced during these activities.

When a man smells these scents, the brain automatically fires up the endocrine system, particularly the adrenal, thyroid and pineal glands, to release hormones. Besides improving a guy’s reflexes, these hormones also make a man happier and more comfortable with himself.

When it comes to making a woman you’ve got your eyes on attracted to you, being comfortable with yourself can make or break your chances of pulling it off. This is simply because it projects an overall aura of confidence, which is one attribute women consider extremely sexy.

And if you’ve got this one down, you’re sure going to improve your chances of attracting a woman easily.

However, there are key pointers to take note of to pull the whole thing off as successfully as you can. Simply stepping inside the shower and splashing water around won’t cut it. Besides having a soap, shampoo or shower gel that you’d actually like to use, there are also specific areas to clean while you’re at it.

These include the groin, armpits, back of the neck, in between toes and inner thighs because these are the places where bad bacteria usually thrive and can make you smell bad when you get sweaty. Applying a touch of deodorant and having a moderate spritz of perfume also helps a lot as well.

(And here’s a simple tip to fire up a woman for sex easily.)

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