So She's Not That Fired Up For Sex...

So She’s Not That Fired Up For Sex…

If you’re noticing that it is taking much longer for your lover to get ready for sex these days, you just might need to tweak your foreplay techniques a bit.

And I’ve got just the trick for getting her frisky in the bedroom in no time.

However, before I reveal this trick to you, let me first give a quick rundown on how a woman gets ready for lovemaking…

At its simplest, men and women experience a similar natural process when it comes to sexual arousal. The moment things get hot in bed, the brain stimulates glands in the body to release hormones that induce key changes in the body to get it ready for lovemaking.

These changes include activating the functions of the reproductive organs and making erogenous zones in the body more receptive to sensations. Besides spiking up the heart rate, these hormones also boost the amount of blood directed all over the system, making the skin warmer to the touch.

Now while you and your lover may go through the same process to get ready for sex, there is one significant difference that only women experience. Unlike guys that can get sexually aroused in an instant, women need to be slowly eased into it.

Unless you build up her excitement in the bedroom little by little, chances are your partner will find it really difficult to become sexually aroused. There is also a big chance that she won’t get ready for lovemaking either.

And one thing that’s definitely going to heat her up is having a surefire foreplay technique. Now here’s the trick I told you about earlier…

It’s as simple as using your fingers. No, I’m not talking about stimulating her breasts and clitoris. I mean tracing her body sensually. This doesn’t just excite the tactile nerves that are just under the skin, but also makes her more thrilled about what happens next.

Amazingly, the skin is one diverse erogenous zone a lot of men tend to overlook. All you have to do is imagine a simple design and lightly trace that on her body with a finger or two at a time. Make it a point to go for squiggly things like flowers and trees for maximum effect.

Believe me, it won’t take long before your partner will be completely ready to take things up a notch when you do this.

Besides being gentle and slow, which women really love, this foreplay technique isn’t as exhausting or difficult for you as well. A win-win situation when you’re trying to pick up the pace on your partner’s sexual arousal.

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