What Dehydration Brings In The Bedroom

What Dehydration Brings In The Bedroom

Unlike what a lot of guys think, not drinking enough water regularly can lead to more than just a parched throat. It can also cause a rather serious problem when things get hot in the bedroom.

And if you don’t have the habit of drinking up as much water as you need every day, then you better follow along…

See, getting an erection is a process. When a man gets sexually aroused, the brain sends signals to natural chemical-producing glands to release hormones that stimulate a few key changes in the body.

Besides boosting the sensitivity of the male reproductive organs and the areas around them, particularly the penis and scrotum, these hormones also spike up the amount of blood directed to the pelvic region.

This increase in blood flow is primarily targeted to sending more blood to the erectile tissues in the penis to firm it up and make it ready for lovemaking.

However, the thing is unless these erectile tissues receive a sufficient amount of blood, a man won’t get a stable erection during sexual arousal. This means he will still get hard, but it won’t be enough to sexually penetrate his lover or perhaps last as long as he needs to.

There is even a chance that he won’t get an erection at all.

And here’s where not drinking enough water gets in the picture…

The blood vessels in the body play a key role in the erection process. They are the ones that send blood to the erectile tissues in the penis. Unless they do their job efficiently, there is a very big possibility that a man won’t get a strong erection.

Remarkably, these blood vessels won’t properly function if they are constricted. This condition is called “vasoconstriction” in the medical field.

And the main reason why this happens is not having sufficient water in the body. At its simplest, water keeps blood vessels naturally flexible to send enough blood to the erectile tissues in the penis during sexual arousal as soon as the hormonal changes kick in.

When the body is dehydrated, the blood vessels tend to shrink a bit. Sure it may not sound that serious, but this can significantly affect the amount of blood directed to the pelvic region, then to the erectile tissues in the penis.

Just to set things straight though, being adequately hydrated is as easy as drinking 6 to 8 glasses of water daily. Having fruits and vegetables on your regular diet also helps a lot. Avoiding extra salty stuff is a good idea as well.

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