How To Know If Your Date Likes You

How To Know If Your Date Likes You

If you’re anything like most men, you’ve probably wished there was something that could easily help you know if the woman you’re on a date with is also interested in you.

Well as it turns out, there is actually one easy way to determine if your date likes you…

And it is called “mirroring”.

According to psychological scientists at the Fromm-Stokely Behavioral Institute, winning the trust of the woman he is on a date with should be his top priority. Unless he pulls this off, chances are the date won’t be as successful as he hoped it would be.

There’s also the risk that date number two won’t be on his schedule anytime soon if the woman he’s out with doesn’t trust him.

See, building a relationship with a woman basically begins by winning her trust. A lot of men mistakenly believe that simply looking drop dead gorgeous on a date or perhaps having a reservation at the most expensive restaurant in town is enough to kick things off.

So let’s say you’ve already tried hard to make your date as successful as you can. How do you know exactly if you’ve already convinced her to like and trust you?

Well, it’s as simple as observing if she imitates your movements and gestures.

Based on the data gathered by psychological scientists, women tend to take a man’s lead if they trust him. This is because they see him as someone who can protect and take care of them.

Besides going for the same order from the menu a man takes, this can also result to women subconsciously slightly copying a guy’s movements and gestures.  Interestingly, this is aptly called “mirroring” in psychology.

Here’s a trick to see if the woman you’re on a date with is already doing it…

Try doing a simple gesture like running your fingers through your hair or leaning with your arms forward from time to time. Keep in mind not to be obvious when you do it, too. If she does similar gestures, then it means you’ve played your cards right and taking her out for a second time won’t be that too difficult.

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