How Being Addicted To Salty Food Can Prevent You From Getting Rock Hard

How Being Addicted To Salty Food Can Prevent You From Getting Rock Hard

If you’re anything like most men, you probably have chips, pretzels, beef jerky, bacon, pizza, TV dinners, popcorn and instant noodles on your list of favorite foods.

Now while there’s nothing wrong with eating these salty treats from time to time, indulging in them more than often can easily lead to a bigger problem than just increasing your bad cholesterol levels and packing on extra pounds.

It can also lead to erectile dysfunction.

I know this sounds a bit crazy right now, but this’ll soon all make sense…

See, getting an erection during sexual arousal is a complicated process. It starts with the brain releasing different types of hormones that set off a few significant changes in the body.

Besides making the male reproductive organs and erogenous zones more receptive to sensations, these hormones also raise the blood pressure levels to direct more blood to the erectile tissues in the penis to firm it up and make it ready for sex.

As long as the erectile tissues receive a sufficient amount of blood, you’re sure to have an erection going and keep it long enough until you reach orgasm during lovemaking. However, not having enough blood directed to the erectile tissues will only lead to very weak erections.

Or worse, no erection at all no matter how hard you try.

And here’s where it gets really interesting. Although a boost in blood pressure levels is a necessity when it comes to achieving a stable erection, having perennial high blood pressure is a health risk.

Besides causing stroke and heart disease, sailing blood pressure levels will also disrupt normal blood flow in the body and possibly deprive vital organs, cells and tissues that need it to repair and rejuvenate themselves.

Moreover, it will also make it extremely tough to send blood to the erectile tissues to get the penis rock hard.

Interestingly, one of the leading causes of high blood pressure is having too much sodium in the body. In simpler terms, this means eating too much salty foods can make you prone to erectile dysfunction in the long run.

Now while I am not saying that you should stop eating your favorite salty treats altogether, keeping in mind not to overdo it is very important. Always remember to keep your sodium intake in moderation to avoid suddenly finding yourself suffering from erectile dysfunction the next time things get hot in the bedroom.

(Here’s why you should be sufficiently hydrated every day as well.)

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