Why You Should Make Your Move When She's Ovulating

Why You Should Make Your Move When She’s Ovulating

During my extensive research into the female sexuality, I’ve discovered something that may just amaze you. And there’s a big possibility that this may even radically change your perspective on ovulation and lovemaking.

Now while a lot of guys think that they should keep clear of their lovers when they are in their ovulation phase, I discovered that this is actually the best time to get frisky with women. Let me explain what I mean…

If you’re anything like most men, you probably think that it’s best to avoid your partner when she is ovulating. Besides being extremely moody, we also believe that getting as much as a smooch from her is going to be very challenging.

However, while browsing through a medical journal, I discovered that women tend to get much wilder and more sexually receptive during their fertile days. This is because of a few physical and behavioral changes brought on by hormones when they are in their ovulation phase.

Interestingly, although these hormones are regularly released in women’s bodies even when they are not ovulating, their systems receive an increased amount of these natural chemicals when they are fertile because the glands that produce them go on overdrive.

This leads to a few remarkable changes in their sexual behavior. And unlike what a lot of guys mistakenly think, they aren’t tough to spot. Here are some of the most obvious ones that usually occur during their ovulation phase.

According to a study by the Florida State University published in the Psychological Science Journal, women tend to show more skin when they are fertile. This is attributed to the boost in hormonal secretions that make them want to be noticed more by the opposite sex. Aside from wearing provocative outfits, they also sway their hips more often.

And here’s the part that really intrigued me the most…

Women naturally want more sex during ovulation because they experience an increase in sexual arousal and even have recurring sexual fantasies during this time. The study featured in the Psychological Science Journal even emphasized that women were inclined to see things as more erotic when they are fertile like paintings, movies and images that are generally non-erotic in nature.

This simply means that your lover has sex always on her mind when she is ovulating. So what better time to get things hot in the bedroom than when she’s fertile? Sure she may be a bit moody and rather grumpy when she is in her ovulation phase, but you’re definitely going to get some action in bed when it happens.

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