Are You Making This Premature Ejaculation-Causing Mistake?

Are You Making This Premature Ejaculation-Causing Mistake?

A lot of guys make the following mistake during sex that almost always leads to premature ejaculation…

And this mistake is simply going too fast.

I know this sounds rather simplistic, but you’ll learn why immediately going full speed ahead the next time things get hot in the bedroom can easily lead to premature ejaculation when you follow along…

So you and your lover are getting frisky in bed and your body reacts by getting sexually aroused to get you ready for lovemaking.

Now, sexual arousal basically refers to a few changes that happen to your body to make you and your partner experience pleasurable sensations when the action starts.

Interestingly, these changes are the effects of the hormones the brain releases during sexual arousal.

Besides increasing the sensitivity of the skin in and around the genitals, these hormones also spike the blood pressure levels to direct a sufficient amount of blood to the erectile tissues in the penis to firm up and prepare for sex.

Although these hormonal effects are vital to lovemaking, allowing the brain to release loads and loads of hormones all the time during sex forces the body to speed up the whole sexual process. To put it simply, this causes you to come sooner than you’d like to, which is also a very big disappointment to your partner.

This is because going too fast during sex compels your brain to work harder and release more hormones. The more hormones your body receives, the quicker it performs to reach orgasm and ejaculate. And this simply means you’re cutting your sex session short and you won’t give your lover the pleasure she wants in the bedroom.

Here’s a trick that you can use to help you avoid going too fast the next time you and your lover are getting it on in bed…

The next time you and your lover get frisky, keep in mind to time your thrusts when you sexually penetrate your partner. Make sure you have a pattern of three slow thrusts and two fast ones. You can always modify it a bit to suit your needs.

Now while this will still give you the sexual pleasure that you want during lovemaking, timing your thrusts won’t force your brain to go on overdrive and release excessive amounts of hormones so you’ll ejaculate prematurely.

As an added benefit, keeping your mind occupied during sex also reduces your possibility of experiencing premature ejaculation. How about trying this trick on your next lovemaking session and see the difference?

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