Why You're Not Getting Fully Hard Anymore

Why You’re Not Getting Fully Hard Anymore

I’ve often been asked what really causes erectile dysfunction among men. Now while there are a lot of possible factors as to why some guys have trouble getting hard, I know one simple habit that can lead to it.

And although I don’t mean to scare you, chances are you’re probably doing this on a daily basis. And this habit is sitting for very long periods of time.

Now, before I go deeper into the subject, let me give you a quick rundown on what happens inside the body of a man when an erection occurs.

During sexual arousal, the brain releases a number of hormones that induce a lot of significant changes in the body to get it ready for lovemaking. The most important of these changes is the increase in blood flow, which is needed by the male reproductive system to achieve a very crucial function.

And this is to make an erection possible.

See, when a sufficient amount of blood is directed to the penis during sexual arousal, it gets absorbed by the erectile tissues that line it. Besides taking on a firmer state, the erectile tissues also become more receptive to the sensations that they will experience during sex.

The only problem is a man can have extreme difficulty getting rock hard if there’s something that hinders enough blood to flow to the erectile tissues in the penis. And this is where sitting for a very long time comes in.

Let me explain what I mean…

Now while there is nothing wrong with sitting at all, doing it continuously for hours on end can have a very horrible effect to the veins and arteries that send blood all over the body, including to the erectile tissues that make the penis hard and ready for sex.

It disrupts the normal flow of blood in the bloodstream and eventually makes the arteries and veins lose their natural elasticity. When this happens, it hinders the blood from getting to the places it’s needed the most.

Now while I am not implying that you shouldn’t have sitting on your daily routine anymore, I’m simply saying that you should make it a point to stand up and do some light exercises when you have to sit for a long time.

This is to prevent the hardening of veins and arteries that can lead to problems getting rock hard when you and your partner are getting frisky in bed.

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