A Simple Mistake That Can Prevent You From Getting Her In Bed

A Simple Mistake That Can Prevent You From Getting Her In Bed

So you’re looking to get lucky with your lover in bed and you’ve made sure to take care of all the necessary preparations to really boost your chances of pulling it off…

You already started to warm her up by sending dirty texts to her mobile phone. You gave your bedroom a nice clean and organized your stuff as properly as you can. You even loaded up on oysters and avocados to take your sexual arousal up a notch.

In short, you’ve made it a point to cover all the things that need to be done to really make sure that you and your lover are going to get frisky in bed like you planned all along.

However, as you’re trying to get things hot in the bedroom, your partner suddenly loses interest…

If this happens, it could be that you’re make this one simple mistake… And that is that you’re setting to stricter expectations of what should happen during sex.

See, one of the most important factors when it comes to making your lover ready for sex is her absolute relaxation. Unless your partner is completely calm and cozy, chances are she won’t get in the mood for lovemaking no matter how hard you try.

Unlike guys who can get sexually aroused at the drop of a hat, it is more of a process in women. They need to build up their sexual excitement bit by bit until they are totally ready to get frisky in the bedroom.

And the bad news is they won’t be able to prepare for lovemaking if they feel they’re rushed, pressured or made to be someone they’re not in the process.

Now while being a little assertive with a bit of kinky thrown in can help move things forward during sex, sounding too desperate or whiny will only make her feel stressed and uncomfortable. Instead of getting your partner excited for lovemaking, you will only end up ruining her mood because it will break up her body’s sexual arousal process.

So the next time you’re planning to get things hot in the bedroom with your lover, remember to keep things as cool as you can. Never make her feel the least pressured or forced to do something she doesn’t want to. Keep in mind to let her take her time and you’re sure to get her ready for sex easily.

And always remember that nobody likes a whiner, especially your lover. (This means taking good care of your oral health as well.)

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