So Your Lover Is Ovulating...

So Your Lover Is Ovulating…

If you’re anything like most guys, you probably think that the worst time to get it on with your lover in the bedroom is when she’s ovulating. Well, what if I told you that it’s totally the exact opposite?

Sure this may sound a bit crazy, but let me explain what I’m talking about…

Now while you may have believed for a very long time that getting lucky with your partner in bed is going to be very tough when it’s that time of the month, I came across a very interesting piece of information that may just change your perception of ovulation in no time.

However, before we get to the good stuff, let me give you a quick rundown on what happens to a woman’s body when she is ovulating…

First things first. A lot of men tend to mix up ovulation with menstruation or having a period. Unlike the latter where a woman will have a discharge of blood and other bodily fluids for about three to five days, ovulation is basically the process in which the uterus receives a healthy egg cell.

This egg cell will develop into a fetus and eventually become a baby if fertilized. Moreover, a woman’s ovulation period is the only time of the month when she will be very fertile. This is the only occasion when the lining of her uterus will firm up as much as it can to allow the maximum number of sperm cells in.

Now we’ve got that covered, let’s get things moving forward again.

Besides receiving an egg cell that is primed for fertilization, a significant change also occurs inside a woman’s body during ovulation. Her brain pumps up her system with hormones that boost her libido levels.

And we’re not just talking about normal libido levels here.

The amount of libido-boosting hormones that the brain releases in a woman’s body during ovulation are simply off the charts. They are just so many that your lover won’t just have an easier time getting sexually aroused, but will also become super sensitive when her erogenous zones are stimulated.

This means that not only will getting your partner ready for lovemaking be easier and faster than usual, but she will also experience extra sexual pleasure when things get hot in the bedroom. In short, you are guaranteed to give her the satisfaction she wants in bed without working very hard to pull it off.

Interestingly, predicting when her ovulation period is going to be isn’t as complicated as a lot of guys believe. Some precise observation, a calendar and asking your lover if she’s feeling it coming already can help you guess when it will take place.

And now here’s how you can make your lover wilder in the bedroom.

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