One Key Factor That Can Stop Anal Sex From Being Enjoyable For Her

One Key Factor That Can Stop Anal Sex From Being Enjoyable For Her

So here’s the scenario…

You have finally convinced your lover to have anal sex and things are going great. You waited for a very long time for this and now you’re realizing one of your hottest fantasies in the bedroom.

Now while you’ve prepared for this as carefully as you can, your lover suddenly asks you to stop for no reason at all.

And just to make things even worse, she won’t get back to the action no matter how hard you try, which makes for a terrible ending for what you’ve imagined to be one of the most exciting sexual experiences you will ever have with your partner.

So much for ticking off anal sex out of your lovemaking bucket list.

Sure you kept in mind to be slow and gentle the whole time, but did you remember to use a lot of lubricant while at it? Well if you did forget, there’s your problem. You’re sure going to have problems with anal sex if you don’t load up on as much lubricant as you can.

Running short on lubricant during anal sex is perhaps the biggest mistake you will ever make because it will not just significantly reduce the pleasure your lover will experience, but will also ruin the whole thing entirely.

Unlike the vagina that can easily produce its own natural lubricant if stimulated properly, the anus needs help to get it ready for sexual penetration. Unless you give it sufficient and proper lubrication, you’ll end up making your lover uncomfortable to the point of being in too much pain when you start penetrating her sexually in the anus.

Although women can get sexual pleasure from anal sex, going in dry or slightly dry can easily ruin the mood for them almost immediately. Plus, it’s not just about getting your hands on whatever lubricant that you can find.

You have to keep in mind to only get a water-based lubricant to give her the most sensitivity and protection during anal sex. Besides being a bit messy and tricky to remove from fabric, reaching for an oil-based one can also make your partner more vulnerable to an allergic reaction, which will only lead to disaster instead of anal sex pleasure.

And there you have it. As long as you keep in mind to keep her sufficiently lubricated during anal sex, you are guaranteed to give her the sexual satisfaction she wants each and every time.

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