The Worst Sex Myth Ever!

The Worst Sex Myth Ever!

If you’re anything like most men, you’ve probably heard the sex myth that erectile dysfunction is primarily caused by old age. And that simply reaching a certain age takes away your ability to get fully hard.

Well, as I’ve learned in my extensive research into male sexuality, this is simply false. Assuming you don’t have a limiting sexual condition, you can pretty much get a stable erection whenever you want no matter how old you are. It is simply a matter of keeping sexual anxiety in control.

Let me explain what I mean…

See, the ability to get an erection and keep it going long enough to make sexual intercourse happen is all about controlling anxiety during lovemaking.

Now, if you’re anything like most men you’ve probably experienced anxiety a few times already when you and your lover get frisky in the bedroom.

Interestingly, the most common things that a lot of guys seem to spend too much time troubling themselves with are the size of their penises, the length of time they’ll be able to last during sex or if they’re really going to give their lovers the sexual satisfaction they want.

See, thoughts like this induce the release of stress hormones called cortisol that only interrupt the entire sexual arousal process, which includes achieving a stable erection. The most significant of these interruptions is instead of directing blood flow to the erectile tissues in the penis to get them firm and ready for lovemaking, cortisol does the exact opposite and drives the blood away from them.

And you’re really going to have a tough time getting a stable erection when this happens. While you may still get hard when you go through sexual anxiety, chances are it won’t be as stiff as usual and it won’t last as long.

Just to make things even more interesting…

I’ve come across some amazing pieces of information while researching into the male sexuality. Did you know that there are men who are well past their senior years that still managed to get it on with their lovers and wives…and even got them pregnant?

One incredible example is the story of Ramajit Raghav in India who fathered a child at the age of 90. He claims that he still gets stable erections even for his very ripe age. And Ramajit’s still not done yet. He sired another child again after two years.

So the next time you hear about the myth that erectile dysfunction is all about getting old, try to think about keeping sexual anxiety in control. Or better yet, share the story of Ramajit Raghav.

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