A Simple Trick To Get Her To Go Down On You

A Simple Trick To Get Her To Go Down On You

If you’re anything like most men, getting a blowjob from your lover is a high priority for you when things get hot in the bedroom.

However, what happens if your partner isn’t that eager to go down on you? Well, I learned something from my extensive research on the female psychology that just might help you raise your chances of getting her to do it.

You simply have to use reverse psychology on her. Let me explain what I mean…

Not long ago I came across an article in a psychology journal that featured a quirky attribute women have that can easily make or break your chances of getting a blowjob from your lover the next time you two get frisky in bed.

According to a survey conducted by the Goodfellow Center for Psychology, convincing a woman to perform a sexual thing, like going down on you for example, somewhat becomes easier if you use reverse psychology on her instead of asking her outright to do it.

Interestingly, the researchers discovered that a woman will become more open to sexual favors that you may have if you make it sound like a playful dare for her rather than a plain request. She tends to be more sexually receptive if you let her feel that you’re putting her on during lovemaking.

Based on the information the researchers gathered from the survey’s results, the participants shared that they are more willing to give in to their lover’s sexual whims, like giving them a blowjob, if they are teased to do it because it basically gave them the notion that it was more fun and pleasurable for the both of them.

Simply being asked to go down on their man sounded too whiny and more or less ruined their mood for lovemaking.

What’s really interesting is that the female respondents revealed that they find it easier to be convinced to perform a specific sexual favor for their partners if they are “challenged” to do it. Remarkably, the researchers highlighted the words “bet” and “suppose” as two of the words women preferred to hear.

So the next time you’re having the urge to get a blowjob from your lover, keep in mind to playfully tease her to do it instead of just asking her straight away. You’ll be surprised how much easily she will be up for it in no time.

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