Why You Should Send Her Naughty Messages

Why You Should Send Her Naughty Messages

Now here’s the thing. I’ve come across a very interesting piece of information while researching extensively into the female psychology…

Although this may sound surprising, it turns out you can easily sexually arouse your partner without even touching her. And you can pull this off by simply sending her naughty messages to her computer or mobile phone.

I know this may sound a bit crazy right now, but let me explain…

While checking out some psychology journals about how women react to physical impulses like hunger, thirst and similar bodily needs, I found out that the female brain releases specific hormones to deal with each one individually.

One cool example I learned was when a woman felt hungry, the brain released hormones that stimulated the salivary gland to produce sufficient amounts of saliva to prevent problems during chewing and swallowing.

Plus, these hormones also prepared the digestive tract for action by increasing the amount of gastric acid in the stomach and boosted the sensitivity of the small intestines to collect as many essential nutrients from the food particles as possible.

And what’s really interesting is the brain becomes more efficient at releasing these hormones if it is conditioned first.

Now while that may sound a bit technical, it simply means that you have to make the brain anticipate the pleasurable sensations that the body will experience in the process to optimize the way it will react.

Do you notice how much you seem to yearn for food after watching a commercial of your favorite food product? Well, that’s hormones in action. And what’s really awesome about this is you can use your lover’s hormones to your advantage when you’re looking to get her excited for sex.

Let’s get back to the part where you should send her naughty messages on her computer or mobile phone…

Simply sending your lover kinky stuff is one effective way to excite her brain to release hormones. You’re basically making her anticipate, which encourages her to visualize all the pleasurable sensations that she’s going to experience when you two make love.

There’s just one thing you have to keep in mind though. When you’re sending your lover naughty messages, make it a point not to hold back.

Describe the things you’ll do to her with gusto. Give her graphic details about the erogenous zones you’re going to stimulate and the way you’ll pleasure each one of them. Tell her how you’re going to sexually penetrate her and give her the satisfaction she’s always wanted. Make them as racy as you can to get her mind really going.

You’ll just be surprised how much fired up your partner will be for lovemaking when you two see each other after you follow this strategy.

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