Why Regular Exercise Makes You A Better Lover

Why Regular Exercise Makes You A Better Lover

So you’re thinking about becoming a better lover…

Well, perhaps the best way to start things off is by making exercise a mainstay in your daily schedule. Let me explain what I mean…

See, one of the most important elements to boosting your sexual stamina and keeping your erections strong is embracing a healthier lifestyle. Besides keeping in mind to be more conscious of your diet, you also have to integrate vigorous exercise into your regular schedule.

Having a fitter physique doesn’t just help you look better, but also enhances your stamina during lovemaking by optimizing blood flow in your system during sexual arousal. And when it comes to getting rock hard on demand, having the right amount of blood channeled to your penis is definitely a necessity.

Let me explain what I mean…

During sexual arousal, the brain releases a number of hormones that induce noticeable changes in a man’s body to get him ready for lovemaking. Besides increasing the heart rate and intensifying the sensitivity of nerve endings in the genitals and other male erogenous zones, these hormones also direct more blood than usual to the penis.

If everything goes smoothly, the increased flow of blood to the penis is then absorbed by the erectile tissues that prepare it for sexual penetration. However, if it doesn’t, you may be in for a rather serious problem the next time things get hot in the bedroom.

To put it simply, there’s a big chance that you won’t keep an erection going long enough for lovemaking to happen or even for you to get hard at all if you have a very sedentary lifestyle.

See, here’s the thing…

When you don’t make it a habit to exercise regularly, free radicals and toxins build up in your body over time.

Besides stimulating the abnormal deterioration of cells and tissues, they also encourage the accumulation of plaque particles along the walls of arteries and veins over time, which is simply bad news if you’re looking to last long in bed and get stable erections when you need them.

These plaque particles basically take the wind out of you during sex and stop the erectile tissues from getting the sufficient amount of blood they need to make the penis firm and ready for sexual penetration. In short, this means your chances of getting stable erections and giving your lover the sexual satisfaction she wants will be either low or none.

And just to make things even worse, these plaque particles can also raise your risk of getting stroke, aneurysm and heart attack in the long run.

So what will it be for you? Start exercising as soon as you can and keep getting rock hard on demand and satisfy your partner in the bedroom? Or be a couch potato and watch your sex life crumble in the long run?

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