An Oral Sex Trick That REALLY Works

An Oral Sex Trick That REALLY Works

While browsing a medical journal on neurology the other day, I stumbled upon a cool piece of information that may just help you boost your chances of giving your lover unforgettable oral sex.

And it’s not as complicated as you think. It’s simply a matter of using the power of her mind to your advantage to give her the oral sex satisfaction that she’s always wanted. Let me explain what I mean…

The next time you’re going down on your partner, make it a point not to go straight to the erogenous zones she expects to be stimulated. Instead, keep in mind to make her wait for a bit to intensify the pleasurable sensations she’s going to get.

Here’s a quick rundown on the information that I got my hands on when checking out the article I came across while reading the medical journal…

According to a study by the Pyotr Lebowitz Neurological Institute, women tend to be more receptive to sensations during cunnilingus if they are made to anticipate how they are going to be stimulated since this induces the brain to release more pleasure hormones than it’s supposed to.

Deliberately delaying the sensations that your lover expects to experience when you’re giving her oral sex won’t just keep her thinking about what you’ll do next, but also pumps up the amounts of mood-altering hormones like endorphin and oxytocin in her body that enhances the sensitivity of nerve endings in her genitals.

This simply means that the more you make your partner anticipate when you pleasure her using your mouth, lips and tongue, the more oral sex satisfaction she’s actually experience when you finally get down to business.

So, now we’ve got that covered, here’s a simple trick that you can use to really get her going the next time you give your lover cunnilingus…

When you start stimulating your partner orally, never go straight to the clitoris, vagina, vulva or any of the erogenous zones that she expects to be pleasured down there. Instead play around her genitals for a while, until she can’t take it anymore and asks you to stimulate them.

This way, she won’t just anticipate the pleasure that you’re going to give her, but you’ll also effectively boost her brain’s ability to release as much hormone as possible to make the experience especially mind-blowing.

Plus, this also optimizes her ability to become sufficiently lubricated for lovemaking, which can easily make the difference between great sex and plain average sex.

(Now here’s a tip you should keep in mind when you’re fingering your lover.)

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