So You're Having A Tough Time Getting Her Wet...

So You’re Having A Tough Time Getting Her Wet…

While checking out some books at the local library, I came across a medical journal that gave me fresh insight on why there are times when women tend to find it tricky to get wet during sex.

Make sure you follow along since this piece of information can easily help you get your lover going faster in the bedroom…

According to a study by the Harrison and Fauci Institute for Neurological Advancement, stress can significantly slow down your partner’s ability to get completely sexually aroused.

Although a woman’s body has no problem taking care of the effects of minimal amounts of stress, going through excessive amounts of it at a time can greatly affect her system’s ability to react to various biological impulses.

And interestingly, one of these impulses is sexual arousal.

Unlike what most guys think, men and women pretty much share the same factors that affect sexual arousal. Aside from overall health and regular diet, these also include sleeping habits, medications taken, predisposition to anxiety as well as genetic attributes.

However, what’s really interesting is compared to men, a woman’s body naturally produces more cortisol, a type of hormone that impairs some functions of the brain during unpleasant situations.

Just to give you an idea of how damaging cortisol is, it is the chemical responsible for the sudden changes in the body when we go through stressful instances. It is what makes us feel confused, irritable and jumpy. Cortisol is even blamed for the onset of nervous breakdowns and severe panic attacks.

Interestingly, cortisol is the one to blame when you find your lover taking too long to get ready for sex.

Sure you may already know the things that turn your partner on in bed as well as the erogenous zones that she likes to have stimulated, but chances are she won’t get sufficiently well lubricated down there if she feels stressed when you’re getting down to business.

Now while it’s impossible to stop the release of cortisol in your lover’s body, you can greatly slow it down by making sure she’s fully relaxed when you’re looking to get some intimate action with her in the bedroom.

Simply ensuring your partner is completely relaxed raises your chances that you won’t have a hard time getting her wet and ready. Keep this in mind the next time you two get frisky and you’ll just be amazed with the results.

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