Why You Should Eat More Avocados

Why You Should Eat More Avocados

Now while this may sound surprising, simply loading up on avocados more often can help you become a much better lover. And not only that, you’re definitely going to give your taste buds a treat every time you eat them too.

Make sure you follow along to discover why you should add this fruit to your regular diet as soon as you can.

Unlike what most guys think, avocados aren’t just for making batches of guacamole or whipping up smoothies. Having them as mainstays in your diet also helps you improve your sexual performance when things get hot in the bedroom.

Let me explain what I mean…

Scientific studies reveal that avocados are a powerhouse when it comes to boosting the sex drive by containing some of the most potent antioxidants for improving the overall function of the reproductive system.

And they are also packed with a certain vitamin that’s been found to help men get ready for sex faster than usual.

Based on laboratory tests, avocados are one of the richest sources of vitamin E in nature. Now while vitamin E may be popularly identified as an essential nutrient that helps delay aging and maintains the suppleness of skin through the years, it also has a lesser known benefit that can help you improve your performance in bed…

Vitamin E stimulates the brain to react faster during sexual arousal.

At its simplest, the brain is basically calling all the shots when it comes to getting ready for sex. Besides releasing hormones that spike up the flow of blood to the penile region to stiffen up the erectile tissues in the penis, the brain also increases the sensitivity of the genitals to make sexual contact as pleasurable and intimate as possible.

However, the only problem is the brain can be a bit slow in setting off these changes during sexual arousal if the body lacks sufficient levels of vitamin E. Apart from affecting the time it takes to get an erection, not having enough vitamin E in the system can also negatively influence the length that you’re able to keep one.

This simply means that you won’t just have a tough time getting hard, but you’ll also find it very difficult to maintain an erection too. And not having the ability to get it up when your lover is in the mood is a very easy way to ruin the mood.

So the next time you drop by your local grocery store, keep in mind to grab a few avocados. You’ll be surprised with the results the next time things get hot in bedroom with your lover.

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