A Simple Thing That Can Disrupt Your Ability To Get Strong Erections

A Simple Thing That Can Disrupt Your Ability To Get Strong Erections

March 12, 2014  |  Erectile Dysfunction

I was reading an article recently which was discussing the changes a man’s body goes through during a cold shower. Perhaps the most prominent of these changes is the brain releasing feel-good hormones called endorphins that lift up the mood as the jets of icy water hit the skin.

However, there is also one lesser known effect of having a cold shower on a guy’s system. It causes a condition called vasoconstriction, in which the bloodstream temporarily becomes narrowed to help the body adjust to the sudden change in temperature.

This condition basically causes the skin to toughen up, the body temperature decreases and the heart rate slows down at a very relaxed pace. Now while the overall effect may be very relaxing and refreshing, it can also give you a hard time getting a stable erection.

Let me explain what I mean…

Erections occur when the heart increases the amount of blood it channels to the penile region. The extra blood is then absorbed by the erectile tissues that make the penis rigid and ready for sexual intercourse. A man can get sexual pleasure and eventually achieve orgasm if the penis is stimulated during this state.

In the case of vasoconstriction, the heart’s ability to pump more blood to the penis is significantly reduced because of the narrowed veins and arteries. While this condition is only temporary, you can easily ruin a woman’s sexual mood if it takes you a long time to get hard for action in the bedroom.

Now while I am not saying that you should avoid cold showers altogether, I am simply emphasizing that you should steer clear of it if you’re getting ready for sex with your lover. The extra time you use up to achieve an erection could ruin your chances of getting her in bed.

So the next time you think you’re soon to have sex with your partner, take cold showers off your list. Stick to hot showers that won’t affect your ability to get strong erections.

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