Why It's Not Advisable To Have Sex In The Pool

Why It’s Not Advisable To Have Sex In The Pool

If you’re anything like most men, the idea of getting it on with your lover in the pool has probably crossed your mind once or twice. It’s easily one of the most popular naughty fantasies ever and almost every guy has it on their respective sexual bucket lists.

Now while this fantasy may get you horny just thinking about it, having sex in the pool is actually very harmful to you and your partner. Let me explain what I mean…

According to a study conducted by the Prince-Mayfair Institute for Sanitary Engineering, not saving your lovemaking for dry land can lead to a number of problems for you and your lover. Although a lot of men think that sex in the pool has a dreamy ring to it, the information they’ve gathered makes it more like something out of a horror movie instead.

Based on the data the researchers collected, an average pool isn’t as clean and germ-free like what most people believe. Sure modern swimming pools contain antimicrobial chemicals like chlorine, sodium hypochlorite and calcium, but they can still be home to nasty bacteria that can cause anything from mild irritation to infections among men and women over time if not properly maintained.

While testing residential swimming pools in and around the Houston area in the state of Texas, United States, the researchers revealed that while they may be treated regularly with chemicals, pools can still encourage the growth and development of bacteria that can easily cause various health problems.

Interestingly, just neglecting to keep a swimming pool’s chemical levels up to par for an average of four days can greatly reduce their efficiency when it comes to warding off nasty microorganisms.

Here are just some of the terrible things that these bacteria can set off if you and your lover expose your private parts to them…

Besides disrupting the normal pH levels in a woman’s vagina that can cause chafing and prickliness, these bacteria can also lead to more serious issues like yeast infection and genital warts. And unlike what most people think, these unwanted microorganisms can trigger urinary tract problems among men as well since they have the ability to swim up the bladder and wreak havoc from there.

So if I were you, make it a point to save sex in dryer places like the bedroom. Although the idea of getting frisky in the pool with your lover might seem kinky and fun, you’ll wish to reconsider given the risks associated with it.

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