Why Biking And Achieving Stable Erections Are Linked Together

Why Biking And Achieving Stable Erections Are Linked Together

I’ve always been an avid fan of biking. And here’s why I hope you become a fan of it too… because it will help you give your lover the sexual satisfaction she wants in the bedroom. Make sure you follow along to find out why you should add biking to your list of regular activities as soon as you can.

Unlike what most guys think, biking isn’t just about toning the legs or building up strength in the lower limbs. Making it a habit to hop on your bike and pedaling vigorously also helps you keep one of the vital organs responsible for giving you stable erections healthy.

See, biking not only keeps the heart in tiptop shape, but will also make it extremely resilient against problems that can cause it to deteriorate and waver in overall function in the long run. Let me explain what I mean…

The moment sexual arousal occurs, a man’s brain instantly sends messages throughout the body in the form of hormonal secretions to prepare him for lovemaking. These secretions stimulate a number of changes to happen almost all at once.

The most significant of these changes is the increased blood flow to the penile region. The blood is absorbed by the erectile tissues in the penis, until they become rigid and ready for sexual intercourse.

Well, this is what is supposed to happen unless something’s wrong with the heart.

When the heart is not in great shape, it won’t be able to pump as much blood to the erectile tissues in the penis… meaning you either won’t keep an erection long enough to successfully have sexual intercourse with your lover or you won’t be able to get an erection at all.

So here’s where biking comes into the picture…

Biking is basically a cardiovascular exercise. You increase your blood flow to the heart each time you work the pedals, which stimulates your heart to keep functioning correctly. This simply means that doing it intensifies the heart’s activity to keep it working as efficiently as possible.

Failing to keep the heart in tiptop shape will reduce the power it can generate to pump blood, which can significantly affect the intensity of your erections. The stronger the heart is, the easier it is for you to get an erection and keep it for a very long time.

And this means you can get ready for lovemaking and stay hard until your lover has the satisfaction she wants in bed.

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