Why You Should Have More Cherries In Your Diet To Get Stronger Erections

Why You Should Have More Cherries In Your Diet To Get Stronger Erections

Over the weekend, I discovered that loading up your kitchen pantry with a certain fruit is a great way to improve your love making skills. Make sure you follow along to find out more about this fruit that can easily improve your performance in the bedroom…

While checking out recipes from a new cookbook I bought, I discovered that regularly having cherries on your grocery checklist can help you achieve stable erections. While this may sound a bit ridiculous right now, stick with me, because it’ll all add up soon.

Along with the directions on how to use a specific recipe, the author also included a few interesting details about the ingredients. And I learned that cherries are loaded with erection-boosting natural chemicals called anthocyanins.

Anthocyanins are very interesting… Besides giving cherries their distinct dark red color, they also have the ability to maintain the natural elasticity of veins and arteries, which play a significant role in the distribution of sufficient blood to the erectile tissues in the penis to achieve an erection and keep it long enough to make sexual intercourse possible.

Anthocyanins do this by speeding up the time it takes for the arteries and veins to heal themselves. Apart from preventing lags in the channeling of blood to the penile region when sexual arousal occurs, it also significantly reduces the possibility of abnormal clotting in the bloodstream at the same time.

Moreover, medical research reveals that anthocyanins reduce the risk of stroke and cardiovascular disease among adult men by keeping the bloodstream free of plaque particles that can block the flow of blood in the body.

What’s even more interesting about anthocyanins is their ability to stay in one piece even if subjected to extreme temperatures. Unlike other natural chemicals, anthocyanins don’t break up when exposed to intense heat or cold.

This means that the anthocyanins found in cherries will still be there no matter what you do with them. They will still have their erection-boosting capabilities whatever culinary application you go for. The anthocyanins in cherries will also still remain even if preserved like in the case of maraschino preparations.

So if you’re looking to maintain your ability to get rock hard and have a few other awesome health benefits while at it, make it a point to have cherries in your regular shopping list. Besides exciting your taste buds, you’re also guaranteed to keep your lover satisfied when things get hot in the bedroom.

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