Why Staying Hydrated Can Help You Prevent Erectile Dysfunction

Why Staying Hydrated Can Help You Prevent Erectile Dysfunction

While having a chat with my physician last week, I found out that not drinking enough water daily can significantly affect a man’s ability to achieve stable erections. Now while this may sound a bit surprising, stick with me, because it’ll all make sense…

Let’s me start things off by giving you a quick rundown on how the body gets an erection going during sexual arousal…

When a man is sexually aroused, the brain stimulates the pituitary gland to release certain hormones that alter the flow of blood in the body. The results of this change in blood flow include a faster heartbeat rate, quicker and shallower breathing as well as a considerable amount of blood pumped to the penile region.

When the blood reaches the penis, it is absorbed by spongy erectile tissues that subsequently become considerably puffed up and firm. An erection is now essentially achieved and sexual intercourse is possible if it is sustained.

However, my doctor told me that having sufficient levels of water in the body is very crucial when it comes to getting and maintaining erections. Staying hydrated is very important in keeping the flexibility of veins and arteries in which the blood flows through.

The more flexible the veins and arteries are, the easier it is for them to direct as much blood to the penis during sexual arousal as possible. Staying sufficiently hydrated also helps the body get rid of plaque particles that may have accumulated along veins and arteries that can eventually lead to health issues like aneurysm, stroke and cardiovascular disease.

Plus, my doctor also shared that having enough water in the body also helps pick up the pace on the production of disease-fighting collagen in the body. Besides stimulating damaged cells and tissues to rejuvenate themselves faster, this also means that you won’t be easily vulnerable to communicable diseases like coughs and colds.

Unlike what most guys think, staying hydrated doesn’t mean drinking liters and liters of water every day. You simply have to drink an average of six to eight glasses daily and you’re basically good to go.

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