How Being Adventurous Can Help You Increase Your Sex Drive

How Being Adventurous Can Help You Increase Your Sex Drive

If you’re anything like most men, you’ve probably thought about how you can boost your sex drive to keep on giving your lover an unforgettable time in bed.

Well, I have a very useful suggestion that’s guaranteed to help you do just that and it doesn’t involve any complex wizardry, magic pills or weird tricks. It’s all about becoming more adventurous as a person.

Now stick with me, because this will soon all make sense…

According to a study conducted by the Fairchild Neurological Center in Baltimore, Maryland, guys who are more open to experiencing thrilling adventures have been found to release more mood-altering hormones called endorphins in the brain.

Besides having an analgesic effect on the body, endorphins also have a very special function that can be crucial to a man’s sex drive…

They help get rid of stress hormones called cortisol, which are one of the key factors that trigger sexual anxiety among guys. Once sexual anxiety is set off, a man can have a very difficult time getting in the mood for lovemaking.

What’s even scarier is sexual anxiety can affect any man, no matter how physically or mentally fit he is. Remarkably, the body’s ability to get rid of sexual anxiety depends much more heavily on how much endorphins the brain produces.

Based on the data gathered by the researchers among the study’s respondents who live in the larger Baltimore–Washington metropolitan area, guys who don’t shy away from thrilling activities like riding a zip line, skydiving at high altitude, surfing crashing waves and climbing mountains tend to produce more endorphins compared to their not so adventurous counterparts.

These men tend to condition their brains to release a sufficient amount of endorphins whenever cortisol is present, ultimately making them more resilient against sexual anxiety as well as its horrible effects like erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

However, here’s the good news…

The researchers also found out that you don’t have to actually go on a skydiving trip and similar activities to boost your endorphin levels. You can easily achieve the same effect by watching scary films and even doing things like riding a roller coaster more often.

By occasionally tricking your brain that you’re in a thrilling situation, you can easily build up your endorphin levels to improve your sex drive. (Now here’s the secret to getting hard when you want.)

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