How Your Lover Wants Her Clitoris To Be Stimulated

How Your Lover Wants Her Clitoris To Be Stimulated

Stimulating your lover’s clitoris should definitely be one of the key items on your sexual checklist if you’re looking to really get her going in the bedroom.

Besides increasing her sexual arousal, clitoral stimulation also helps your partner to become well lubricated for vaginal penetration, which makes lovemaking all the more satisfying for the both of you.

Now while women consider stimulating their clitoris as one of the most pleasurable things that they can experience when things get hot in the bedroom, a lot of guys seem to forget a crucial thing about it.

Let me explain what I mean and I’ll even throw in a simple oral sex trick that she won’t easily forget…

At its simplest, clitoral stimulation is just like giving your lover a massage. Now while it may feel amazing at first, not changing up your moves from time to time will make it boring, uncomfortable and even painful.

For comparison, let’s use a back rub as an example to explain this analogy more clearly…

If you’re like many people, you probably think that back rubs are fantastic. They get rid of uncomfortable knots in the muscles and ease sore spots in and around the back. Having one can make you feel really good, especially when it’s done expertly.

However, how would you feel when the person giving you a back rub is just concentrating on a single area using a repetitive stroke? And this stretches on for minutes and minutes without ever having a change in tempo or pressure? Would that feel awkward, even to the point of being annoying already?

Well, that’s just how your lover feels when you don’t vary your moves as you stimulate her clitoris. Sure she may find it fantastic at first, but she will eventually find it tiresome.

I’m not saying that you should be an expert at clitoral stimulation to pull things off perfectly. What I mean is you should change things up frequently when you do to keep your lover getting excited and satisfied at the same time. Simply keeping her guessing what will happen next is enough to give her the sexual pleasure she’s always wanted when you stimulate her clitoris.

And now for the trick I told you about…

The next time you pleasure your lover orally, use the alphabet as a guide when stimulating her clitoris with your tongue and lips. Besides giving her different sensations and pressures each time, you can repeat it all over again from A to Z without her even knowing it.

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