The Secret To Getting Hard When You Want

The Secret To Getting Hard When You Want

I’m about to reveal one trick that I’m sure will help you get a stable erection when things get hot in the bedroom.

But before I do that, let me give you a quick rundown on how the power of the mind can easily make or break your chances of achieving an erection…

As a lot of psychological research is now finding, a person’s mindset can greatly affect his or her ability to make the body function to its fullest.

For example, how an individual thinks can significantly influence sleep patterns, movement, speech, hand-eye coordination and even appetite.

However, what I really find very interesting is that simply thinking that you can’t do something can actually reprogram the brain to make you actually fail at doing it…even though you’ve got all the physical and mental requirements needed to accomplish it.

Let’s take the example from a recent article I read. In Melbourne, Australia, twenty adult men were divided into two groups to prove that mindset is a crucial factor when it comes to successfully completing a task.

The task that they were about to take on was dipping their hands in ice cold water for as long as they could. Now, while this may sound simple enough, bear in mind that the nerve endings in the skin will send pain signals to the brain if they will get exposed to very cold temperatures for too long.

In the experiment one was ┬áthe control group and the other had to listen to looped digital recordings that gave encouraging messages while they dipped their hands in the icy water. The message that they heard again and again was a simple “You can do it!”

When the results were in, the control group lasted an average of a minute and a half immersing their hands in the freezing water. Amazingly, the other group lasted twice that long.

And now for the trick I promised you…

The next time you and your lover get frisky and you’re getting a bit anxious that you won’t get a stable erection, make it a point to have a positive mantra “playing” over and over in your head.

It can be anything from “I can do it” to “Let’s get it on” or something that can get you easily fired up and condition your mind that you can do anything you want your body to accomplish. You’ll just be surprised how easy it is for you to get rock hard in no time when you follow this trick.

(Now we’ve got that covered, here’s why you should not spend most of your time sitting down.)

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