A Simple Strategy To Get Her Sexually Aroused

A Simple Strategy To Get Her Sexually Aroused

While checking out some psychology journals I stumbled upon a very interesting study that may just help you get your lover sexually aroused without having to do all the usual effortful stuff.

According to the Kendall Center for Neurological Research, women can get in the mood for lovemaking without first needing to get frisky in the bedroom. They can even become sexually aroused without getting naked and having their erogenous zones stimulated.

And one of the best things that you can go for when you’re looking to get your lover ready for sex is giving her a nice foot massage.

Based on the data gathered from the study’s participants, particularly sexually active women between the ages of 25 to 50, the researchers discovered that the female brain basically needs a transition time to really get in the mood for sex.

Unlike guys who can become sexually aroused at the drop of hat whenever and wherever it may be, women need to have their brains shift into a different mindset to get ready for lovemaking. And according to the study’s findings, failing to understand and utilize this time frame can significantly lower your chances of getting a woman fully sexually aroused when things get hot in the bedroom.

See, the female brain is just like an engine. You’d have to disengage it from one gear and shift it to another to properly make it concentrate on a single activity. This is the reason why you need to change your lover’s psychological focus to something sexier before you start getting physical or else she will find it tricky to get in the mood.

So here’s how a nice foot massage can help you get the job done when it comes to getting your lover sexually aroused…

A foot massage is basically something that’s not sexual in nature, but can be used as a tool to get your partner ready for sex. The sensation she gets when you rub and caress her feet not only relaxes her, but also clears her mind to focus better on other more intimate things like, let’s say, making love.

The clearer your partner’s mind is, the better she’ll be able to enjoy the sensations you will give her. From there, it will be very easy to get her going in the bedroom.

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