A Sexual Position She Will Really Like

A Sexual Position She Will Really Like

I came across something really interesting while cleaning one of my old bookshelves the other day. It was an old medical journal.

While most of the journal’s contents were about pharmacology updates and other technical stuff about diseases, what really drew me to it was the study on the sex position that women found most pleasurable.

And it’s not even as complicated as I thought it would be. Let me walk you through the highlights of the study…

Based on the data gathered by the researchers at the Wilhelm-Stefanson Foundation for Gender Studies, a lot of women found lovemaking more pleasurable when they were on top. Now while that may not sound radical, there are two reasons behind it that I’m sure you will find very interesting.

Firstly, a woman can position herself better when she is on top.

See, comfort plays a key role when it comes to giving your lover the sexual satisfaction she’s always wanted in the bedroom. Depending on how comfortable she is, your partner may or may not experience the same intensity of pleasure when you stimulate her erogenous zones or penetrate her.

Your lover basically calls all the shots when she is on top. Besides controlling the angles, tempos and pace during sex, she’s also able to anchor herself properly so you can penetrate her as deeply as possible.

As an added bonus, your partner can also increase the pressure to your penis simply by adjusting the tension between her thighs and legs.

Secondly, being on top makes her feel more dominant during sex.

If you’re anything like most men, chances are you’re the one taking charge when things get hot in the bedroom. Besides deciding which positions to go for during sex, you also determine which erogenous zones to stimulate and for how long.

Switch places with your lover on this one and you’ll be just surprised how kinky and sexually adventurous she will become when things get hot in the bedroom. By making your partner feel more empowered between the sheets, she’ll find it easy to become more explorative and even try new things that you haven’t done before in bed.

So if you’re looking to give your lover a sexual position that she will really like, have her on top the next time the two of you get frisky and you’re pretty much all set.

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