A Simple Trick To Have Stronger Erections Almost Immediately

A Simple Trick To Have Stronger Erections Almost Immediately

I dropped by my doctor’s clinic the other day to have my yearly physical exam. While we were wrapping up the tests, my physician asked if I ever smoke, even if only occasionally.

I told him I quit more than three years ago because the habit was already affecting my ability to breathe properly. What my doctor revealed next totally caught me by surprise. He said if I hadn’t stopped smoking, there’s a big chance that I would have lost my ability to get stable erections as well.

Now while smoking is commonly seen as a habit that affects the lungs and can impede the overall function of the respiratory system, it can also mess up how your body functions in other more intimate ways…

Sure smoking is usually associated with stained teeth, bad breath, regular loss of breath and to put it not so nicely, basically smelling like an ashtray all the time, but making it a habit to light up a cigarette every time you yearn for a nicotine fix also disrupts blood flow.

Besides delaying the transfer of oxygen and nutrients to cells and vital organs in the body, the most noticeable of these effects is making it very difficult for you to achieve an erection and maintain it long enough to make sexual intercourse possible.

See, besides containing various harmful chemicals that can cause serious health problems in the long run, the main active ingredient in tobacco, nicotine, also has one key attribute that will almost inevitably affect your ability to get rock hard when things get hot in the bedroom.

Let me explain what I mean…

Nicotine is basically a vasoconstrictor. This simply means that it can tighten blood channels like veins and arteries, making it very difficult for blood to pass through. What’s even more horrible is that a habitual smoker won’t even know what’s happening to his body until things get much worse.

A chronic smoker will only tend to feel the supposedly positive effects of nicotine while using tobacco like being able to think more clearly as well as having a calmer and more positive mindset. This is the primary reason why virtually all people who smoke tend to light up when they feel stressed or anxious.

What a habitual smoker doesn’t feel is when their veins and arteries are getting pinched tighter and tighter with every cigarette they light up. They don’t feel that the blood flow in their body is getting weaker and weaker.

Unfortunately, however, chances are that they will one day discover that they will find it very tricky to get a stable erection – or even none at all – when they really need one. So if you’re looking to always get ready for action between the sheets, this is a great reason to never touch a cigarette again.

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