How Loading Up On Too Much Cake Can Affect Your Erections

How Loading Up On Too Much Cake Can Affect Your Erections

Now while I am not saying that indulging in your guilty pleasures from time to time is immediately bad for your sex life, there are a few things that will definitely affect your performance between the sheets if done excessively.

Let’s take consuming too many sweets for example.

Eating your favorite candy or pastry won’t just tickle your taste buds, but can also improve your mood. Laboratory tests reveal that the brain almost instantly releases happy hormones called endorphins the moment the tongue senses that it is tasting something sweet.

On the other hand, loading up unreasonably on the sweet stuff can lead to diabetes, a condition where one of the lesser known side-effects is the loss of the ability to get hard when things get hot in the bedroom.

But before I explain to you how diabetes can lead to erectile dysfunction and other problems during lovemaking, let me to give you a quick rundown on what this disease really is and why it can ruin your sexual performance in the long run…

At its simplest, diabetes is basically a metabolic disease that disrupts the ability of the pancreas to produce sufficient insulin in the body. Although it’s easy to detect on medical tests, it can be quite tough to diagnose by yourself because its signs are similar to a lot of common illnesses.

Besides making the body unable to metabolize sugar properly, the extremely high levels of sugar in the bloodstream also constrict and damages veins and arteries over time. Common complications of diabetes include kidney damage, heart disease, vision problems and stroke.

And to make the whole thing even worse, diabetes can also lead to erectile dysfunction and even the loss of sensation in the penis by messing up nerve ending functions.

Interestingly, diabetes also has a complication called diabetic neuropathy. This simply means that the longer a man has diabetes, the bigger the possibility is that his nerves are getting more and more damaged if the disease is not controlled properly.

There are a lot of guys already who never knew they had diabetes or diabetic neuropathy until things got really worse.

Unlike what most people think though, diabetes isn’t just caused by consuming too much sweets and sodas. Not getting enough exercise and drinking too much are also key factors that can boost your chances of getting this disease.

The next time you’re having the urge to take a bite out of your favorite cake, pie or some other sweet stuff, keep in mind to do it in moderation or else risk suffering from the negative effects of diabetes sooner or later.

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