Why You Should Take Oral Health Seriously

Why You Should Take Oral Health Seriously

I recently came across a journal that revealed men are more prone to oral health problems like tooth decay and gingivitis than women.

Now while most guys think that this piece of information isn’t something that they should pay attention to, not keeping your oral health in tiptop shape can easily ruin your sex life in the long run.

Let me explain what I mean…

See, getting and maintaining a stable erection requires having a sufficient amount of blood channeled to the penis. Not having enough can either mean you will have a weak erection or perhaps you won’t get one at all.

Besides having a healthy heart, there are other key factors that can affect a man’s ability to get rock hard on demand. Blockages in the form of plaque particles can add up along the arterial walls and make it difficult for blood to pass through.

And just to make things even more horrible, it’s not just your ability to achieve a stable erection that is going to be affected. You’re also in for serious health issues like stroke, aneurysm and even heart attack if the persistent accumulation of plaque isn’t taken care of properly.

Now here’s where oral health comes in. Diseased gums and teeth are almost direct portals to the bloodstream. Gum lesions and cavities can easily allow germs and other harmful microorganisms in the veins and arteries.

Apart from eventually disrupting the flow of blood in the body and causing a number of health issues like sepsis, a condition in which an infected wound or lesion is overrun by bacteria and their toxins, these unwanted visitors can also speed up the development of plaque in the veins and arteries.

While all of this may sound really horrible, you need to realize that it usually starts out by neglecting crucial activities that a lot of men mistakenly think as rather mundane, such as brushing and flossing. Interestingly, not brushing and flossing at least twice a day can easily lead to cavities and gum problems.

Moreover, visiting the dentist on a regular basis also helps keep your gums and pearly whites as healthy as possible. Having a prophylaxis or cleaning procedure done every five to six months also boosts your chances of staving off oral health problems.

So the next time you’re feeling a bit lazy to give your teeth and gums a good brushing or flossing, just keep in mind that you are already putting yourself at risk of getting the dreaded softie syndrome and a whole lot more wellness issues.

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