Why You Should Start Having Blueberries In Your Diet

Why You Should Start Having Blueberries In Your Diet

If you’ve been closely following AdviceForHim you probably have noticed the emphasis I make on how your diet significantly affects your sex life.

From getting a stable erection to how long you’re going to last during sex, what you regularly have on your meal plan can have an impact on your performance in bed. And indulging in unhealthy foods on a regular basis can eventually lead to problems in the bedroom.

Speaking of foods that should be on your regular diet, having blueberries on your checklist is definitely one of the smartest decisions you’ll ever make. Let me explain why…

I recently came across a medical journal that featured a report on the diet trends in and around the United States.

Besides monitoring what people regularly consume in various states across the U.S., the report also gave a quick rundown on the common health problems they are suffering from.

What made it really interesting for me was that the people who lived in states that grew blueberries, such as Washington, Georgia, North Carolina and Michigan, and ate the dark, juicy fruits four or five times a week were shown not to have as many cases of heart disease and erratic blood pressure levels compared to other residents living in other places.

And when it comes to really giving your lover the sexual satisfaction she’s always wanted, having both a healthy heart and an ideal blood pressure are definite necessities. These two factors can easily make or break your ability to achieve an erection and maintain it long enough to make sexual intercourse possible.

This simply made me wonder whether there was something about blueberries that make them a diet must-have if you’re looking to be a fantastic lover. So I decided to learn more about them and the things I’ve discovered got really interesting…

Let’s kick things off with the amazing amounts of antioxidants blueberries have. Blueberries contain one of the highest antioxidant levels found in nature. Besides helping boost the immune system, these antioxidants also stimulate cells and tissues to repair and rejuvenate themselves faster.

And just to make things even more amazing, the antioxidants in blueberries are also packed with anthocyanins, which not only give blueberries their signature dark shade, but also have the ability to fight off plaque formation along the arterial walls that can considerably lessen the blood flow in the body.

This ensures that you won’t find it tricky to get rock hard on demand when things get hot in the bedroom and stay that way for as long as you want. Quite amazing coming from a small fruit, don’t you think?

Make sure you grab a few packs of blueberries the next time you drop by your local supermarket to help keep your sexual performance at par.

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