Why You Should Eat More Chocolate

Why You Should Eat More Chocolate

Your diet plays a significant role in your sex life. This simply means that whatever you regularly eat or drink can affect your performance between the sheets either positively or negatively. The more nourishing your diet is, the better your sex life is going to turn out.

However, there is one food item that is fast becoming one of the most popular choices to reach for when it comes to improving sexual performance. It’s considered by a lot of people as a guilty pleasure and has a taste that’s sweet, bitter and mysterious at the same time.

As the title suggests I’m talking about chocolate.

Now while you may have been told as a child that eating chocolate habitually makes you fat and destroys your teeth, enjoying it moderately as an adult can easily help the body release more mood-altering hormones called endorphins.

Chocolate is packed with phenylethylamine (PEA) that signals the brain to give off more endorphins the moment you feel and taste it in your mouth. The effect is almost instantaneous and can last for varying degrees of time, depending on the type and amount of chocolate you’re enjoying.

I personally recommend dark chocolate since it contains the highest amount of phenylethylamine among all chocolate varieties you can get your hands on these days. And white chocolate contains the lowest.

Besides inducing a natural high, endorphins can also affect the mind and body in a lot of other ways. They improve the immune system, alleviate pain, delay the aging process, get rid of stress as well as boost the body’s ability to combat free radicals and toxins that can develop into cancers in the long run.

And just to make things even more interesting, endorphins can also take your sex life to a whole new level. See, these happy hormones are also capable of stepping up the sexual desire and attraction that a man and a woman have for each other, which ultimately leads to a more pleasurable time in bed.

Scientific studies show that men and women who frequently indulge in chocolate not only feel more excited during lovemaking, but also have more intense orgasms compared to their counterparts who don’t enjoy it as much.

The next time you’re planning to make your next sex session unforgettable, have a bar of chocolate with your lover before you get into action. You’ll be very surprised how amazing things will turn out when you and your partner get frisky in the bedroom.

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