Why You Should Only Use Water-Based Lubricants During Sex

Why You Should Only Use Water-Based Lubricants During Sex

Let’s start things off with a quick rundown on how closely similar the male and female versions of sexuality really are.

Unlike what most people think, men and women generally have the same levels of sexual desires. Sure women may take a bit longer than men to get fully ready between the sheets, but all in all they are pretty much the same when it comes to sexual urges.

And what makes this even more interesting is that a woman’s sex drive can also be affected by specific factors that can sap a man’s performance in bed as well. These factors commonly include diet, stress, overall fitness, anxiety levels, certain health conditions and self-confidence.

When these factors act up, chances are she won’t be that well-lubricated during sex. So you’re going to need a bit of help by reaching for a lubricant. Not just any lubricant, mind you, but a water-based one.

Let me explain what I mean…

Now while lubricants are commonly used for providing added smoothness to make sexual intercourse with your lover possible, there is one significant element that a lot of men forget when using them…

Akin to other liquids, they can get absorbed by the pores of the skin and can even be synthesized into the bloodstream. Besides causing momentary itchiness and rashes in some men, prolonged use can also lead to permanent skin allergies in some cases.

This gives water-based lubricants an advantage over other varieties like oil-based and silicone-based types because it is mostly made of water, which is a natural material compared to the main ingredients of the other two.

Water-based lubricants also feel much more natural and cleaner because they don’t have an excessively thick consistency. Using a one-time liberal amount already goes a long way when things get hot in the bedroom.

Interestingly, you can easily rejuvenate the amount of lubrication a water-based lubricant provides by applying water instead of more lube. This means you can just sprinkle a few drops of water on your general genital area when you feel that things are not as slippery as it used to be and you’re good to go.

Always keep in mind the next time you and your lover get frisky between the sheets, but she doesn’t seem to get sufficiently wet down there, make sure you reach for a water-based lubricant.

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