How Excessive Drinking Saps Your Ability To Get Strong Erections

How Excessive Drinking Saps Your Ability To Get Strong Erections

Now while having a drink or two of your favorite brew every day has been scientifically proven to help improve your sex drive, going overboard with alcohol can actually lead to a very serious problem between the sheets.

And this problem is erectile dysfunction. While it may sound hard to believe right now, it will all make sense as you follow along…

See, consuming up to a couple of servings of your alcoholic drink of choice every day can actually help improve your performance when things get hot in the bedroom. There are certain components in alcohol that don’t just help you get in the mood for lovemaking faster, but also make it easier for you to get rock hard.

Based on scientific studies, men who drink moderate amounts of alcohol daily generally have healthier hearts than those who don’t drink at all. Apart from having sturdier ventricles that ensure an optimal amount of blood is channelled all throughout the body, they also have lesser risks of developing plaque in their veins and arteries since alcohol has the ability to dispel them over time.

This simply means they won’t just have strong erections, but also have the convenience of getting one whenever they want.

However, this becomes quite the opposite when alcohol is abused. Let me explain what I mean…

Binge drinking basically causes the veins and arteries responsible for blood flow to harden. Besides increasing a man’s risk of getting a stroke and aneurysms in the long run, it also significantly cuts the amount of blood distributed in the body.

And having sufficient blood flow to the penis is a necessity for achieving stable erections. It is needed by the erectile tissues to get firm and maintain it long enough to make sexual intercourse possible. The less the amount of blood is channelled to the penis, the weaker the erection becomes.

Just to make things even more frightening, alcohol abuse also leads to a number of other problems like mouth and throat cancer, collapsed lungs, liver cirrhosis and an increased possibility of getting liver cancer, stomach ulcers, agitated pancreas, hypertension as well as infertility.

It also disrupts the brain’s ability to decipher sexual responses and may force your body to take an unusually longer time to get ready for lovemaking. Even though you’re mentally ready to get it on in bed with your lover, your body will just stay uncooperative while at it.

There’s simply nothing wrong with chilling out with a drink to top off your day. Just always keep in mind to take things smoothly or else you’ll find yourself going through the dreaded softie syndrome when you least expect it.

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