A Sex Myth That A Lot Of Men Think Is True

A Sex Myth That A Lot Of Men Think Is True

One of the sex myths that I really find funny is the belief that women have significantly lesser sexual urges than guys. Besides being rather ridiculous, it’s also very untrue.

Let me explain what I mean…

I used to believe that men were a lot more sexual than women until a few years back I began doing extensive research on how to become a better lover. It was during this time that I came across a journal that featured a French study on female sexual psychology.

It was basically about how often women can get sexually aroused and their sex drive levels. The study also compared if women have the same amount of libido as men and if it was possible for them to want sex as much as guys do.

And after checking out the information the researchers gathered, I was blown away by the results. Here are the things that I found really interesting…

One of the key points the researchers wanted to find out is how often women thought about sex. Now while a lot of guys believe that women only give a moment for lovemaking when men initiate them into it, the data gathered from the respondents said otherwise.

After collecting data from women ages 20 to 35 from Paris, Marseille, Lyon and Toulouse, the researchers found out that the participants in the study thought about sex pretty much all the time. Some of the respondents even shared that they began to imagine kinky thoughts the moment they wake up!

The researchers also discovered that women were generally affected by the same factors when it comes to getting ready for lovemaking, namely self-confidence, sleep, overall health, stress, diet and specific medical conditions.

And here’s more…

The researchers also found out that the main reason why women don’t seem to have the same sexual urges as men do is they get turned on mostly by mental cues. This simply means that although their sex drive can go up as quick as that of guys, women need to be stimulated psychologically first to fully become sexually aroused.

This is the main reason why women need foreplay to really get them going between the sheets.

Now here’s why I think this myth exists…

The study also emphasized that men are visual creatures. We can get sexually aroused as soon as we see something provocative like sexy clothes, revealing underwear and women’s private parts, which makes us think that we have higher sexual urges compared to the opposite sex, when really we are just triggered in different ways.

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