Do You Repel Women Because You Are Too Nice?

Do You Repel Women Because You Are Too Nice?

Let me start things off by sharing a personal story.

Three years ago, I discovered an attribute I had about myself that was hurting my success at attracting women.

No, it wasn’t my looks or the way I dressed. It wasn’t my personal hygiene either. What I’ll reveal next may surprise you because it’s something a lot of men mistakenly think can make them attract women easier and faster…

And this attribute is I was too nice.

Sure you may have heard the phrase “nice guys finish last” many times before. Well, I thought at first that it was made up by someone who just had sour grapes because a nice guy beat him to making a romantic connection with a woman he really liked.

Then something happened three years ago that totally changed my perception about being really nice.

I found out that being nice was the biggest reason why I wasn’t being successful with women.

It was when I met Kaye.

After just a couple of dates, Kaye told me that she felt our relationship wasn’t going anywhere. I thought it was pretty harsh, but the next thing Kaye said made a very huge impact in my life…

She told me most women don’t go for guys who are really nice because they don’t seem to be good protectors. She added that the chances that they will allow people to walk all over them are very high and it’s a big turn off to women.

Kaye explained that while we’re already living in a culture that’s developed a long way from ancient times, women still have the mindset that they should choose a man who can be their knight in shining armor. Apart from defending them when they are in danger, they also want someone who can give respect and get it in return.

She emphasized that a guy who’s too nice will only turn out to be a doormat. He won’t mind people treating him poorly again and again. If he can’t seem to protect himself, how will he be able to do the same for a woman?

What Kaye told me really got me thinking simply because it was true. I thought about the potential relationships I could have had with lots of women, but got spoiled by my attitude.

Now while I am not saying that you should behave like a male chauvinist, I am simply stressing that you should make women see you as man who can command respect and give it in return.

As soon as a woman you’re interested in sees that you can stand up for her no matter what, your chances of taking your relationship to a higher level won’t be that tough.

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