How Your Shoes Can Easily Make Or Break A Date

How Your Shoes Can Easily Make Or Break A Date

January 23, 2014  |  Dating Advice, Success Principles

Dating can be tough.

To be successful it’s about more than just looking and smelling great. There are also a whole host of other factors that can easily make or break your chances of taking out the woman of your dreams a second time.

And one of these factors is your choice of footwear and how they look during your date. While this may not seem too important to most men, to women it’s very important…

According to a study conducted by the Adelaide Center for Sociology, women consider shoes not just as key components that help bring an outfit together, but also as a preview of a guy’s personal attributes.

Based on the data gathered from respondents in and around the state of Colorado, mostly from women ranging from 22 to 35 years old, the researchers discovered that they tend to draw out certain “impressions” from a guy they’re dating just by looking at his shoes.

These impressions commonly include fashion sense, cleanliness, as well as financial capability. The researchers have even managed to break down each of them in finer detail by using the answers they’ve collated from the study’s participants.

Let’s kick things off with fashion sense. The respondents shared that men who showed up wearing the wrong footwear to a date can give them a less than ideal image of the guy they’re with. This usually relates to shoes that don’t complement the clothes they have on or similar fashion taboos like wearing sandals with socks. It gives them the impression that he probably needs a few useful pointers dressing up.

Next in line is cleanliness. The study’s participants divulged that simply looking at a guy’s shoes tells a lot about his personal hygiene. Footwear pieces that have dirt and grime on them gives women the idea that a man has the tendency to become sloppy, which can easily take out a lot of brownie points when dating is concerned.

Finally, comes financial capability. Women can tell if a man has a lot of money to spend if he arrives wearing expensive Italian leather pumps or similar extravagant footwear. Just for emphasis, these shoes can easily reach well into the thousands in terms of price tag.

However, here’s the clincher. The researchers concluded that women usually didn’t mind whatever type of shoes you’re wearing as long as they’re clean and don’t look like they’re going to fall to pieces at any moment.

They shouldn’t appear as if they were hurriedly brushed or wiped down either. Wearing dark-colored socks that draw attention to your ankles instead of your shoes also helps a lot. As long as you keep your shoes nice and clean, you’re guaranteed to get only positive responses from your date.

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