Why Your Lover Is Having Trouble Saying Yes To Anal Sex

Why Your Lover Is Having Trouble Saying Yes To Anal Sex

If you’re anything like most men, I’m pretty sure you have anal sex on your lovemaking bucket list. Besides having a taboo flair to it, the promise of experiencing sexual sensations you’ve never felt before also makes it extremely tough to pass up.

However, the only problem is most women tend to frown at the idea of being penetrated in their anus.

Now while a lot of guys think that the main reason why women aren’t that crazy for anal sex is because it’s uncomfortable, there’s actually one other much more significant factor…

According to a study conducted by the Toronto Institute of Psychogenetics, women who tend to be repulsed by the idea of having anal sex because feel that way because it clashes with the deep-seated psychological need to look and smell clean.

Now this gets a little graphic so if you’re squeamish this may not be for you.

Based from the data gathered from over 400 respondents in and around Toronto, the researchers discovered that most women who disliked anal sex felt that way because they strongly believed that it has the possibility to get messy and smelly.

They think that having an “accident” during anal sex is not only embarrassing, but can also cancel out the care and attention they give when they make themselves look and smell attractive for their lovers. Most of the respondents even pointed out that they are already grossed out just by the thought of having fecal matter sticking on their partner’s penis when they do have anal sex.

Now while I do agree that experiencing such a situation when you are having anal sex could be rather awkward, the reality is that this happening is very rare.

And so what you really need to do is change her perception.

And I think the most effective way to do this is as follows.

One simple way to go around it is by conditioning your partner to think that anal sex can be quite a clean and hygienic activity. And this is easier than it sounds.

Before I prep up for anal sex, I make it a point to ask my lover to join me in the shower. Besides giving me the opportunity to warm her up before we even get between the sheets, having a shower together also allows her to wash her intimate parts, especially the anus.

When I make my move, I point out that I can’t seem to take my mind off how beautiful and erotic her anus is. I tell my lover that it really makes me hot and will be the happiest man in the world if I can have the opportunity to pleasure it. And if everything falls into place, I get to have anal sex.

And there’s no reason why the same approach can’t work for you.  So give this approach a try and let me know how it works out for you.

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