An Erectile Dysfunction Myth That You Should Never Believe

An Erectile Dysfunction Myth That You Should Never Believe

One of the biggest myths accepted by men is that erectile dysfunction is something natural and to be expected when a man got older.

Besides being very untrue, this information can also be quite harmful to guys who are experiencing problems getting hard when things get hot in the bedroom. And because of this myth a lot of guys will try and use artificial means to get and keep an erection.

And if you’re anything like most men, you’ve probably got an idea what these “artificial means” are, ranging from pills and creams to even fluids that are introduced intravenously to the body to help a man achieve a stable erection. Yes, the last one makes me wince, too.

Sure they may pull off their intended purpose, but using them too often can eventually lead to health problems that will make things even worse when you and your lover get between the sheets. Some of these issues include erratic heart rates, liver damage and even impairment of the erectile tissues in the penis.

So I think I’ve managed to give you an idea how dangerous, not mentioning painful, these things are.

Now it’s time to get back to the subject of aging and erectile dysfunction…

What most men don’t understand is that erectile dysfunction is not a physical problem. It totally isn’t about how old your body is. Now while the problem of not getting hard on demand usually “starts” when men get older, it doesn’t mean that reaching the age of, say 50, 60 or beyond, automatically means you’ll lose your ability to get rock hard for lovemaking.

Interestingly, most men who experience erectile dysfunction when they get older have this problem because they think they have it.

See, unlike what most guys think, the body doesn’t lose its ability to get an erection with old age. It’s not unusual to see men into their 70’s, 80’s or 90’s having a rocking sex life. There are even recurring cases of men in those age brackets around the world who have still sired offspring in their sunset years!

At its simplest, the body basically follows where the mind leads it. This includes achieving lasting erections that are sure to pleasure your lover in bed each and every time.

If you strongly believe that you’re going to have an erection the moment you want it, chances are you’ll be rock hard in no time. On the other hand, if you think that your ability to achieve an erection is getting quite rusty, you’ll just be disappointed even if things get really hot in the bedroom.

Always keep in mind that age is but a number when it comes to achieving stable erections. It doesn’t dampen your ability to get rock hard at all. As long as you use your mind properly, you’re definitely going to rise up to the occasion no matter how old you are.

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