Why Dancing Can Attract Women

Why Dancing Can Attract Women

If you’re anything like most men, you probably have dancing way at the bottom of your list of activities that you’d like to do in public. Now while this may sound surprising, as it turns out, knowing how to bust a few impressive dance moves can help make more women look your way.

Let me explain what I mean…

Recently there was a study published in a psychology journal that explained in detail how dancing can magnetically draw women to guys.

According to a research conducted by the Nashville-Davidson Psychological Association, although most men see dancing as only fancy movements carried out in time to a series of beats, women look at it in a very different perspective. They see it as a preview of a guy’s personal characteristics.

Besides giving them an idea how skillful a man is when it comes to moving his body, dancing also offers a clue on how confident a guys is as well as how long a that guy can last in bed. Here’s why…

It all starts with self-confidence.

When you think about it, dancing does take a lot of confidence, especially when done in public. Only a handful of guys have the confidence to bust a move without thinking twice. Men normally have to strike up a conversation with a woman before he can show how confident he is to her. With dancing, however, all it takes is a move or two and you can already get that job done easily.

Next comes stamina.

See, dancing is no doubt a tiring activity. It can be very physically demanding since all that movement can burn a lot of energy in a short amount of time. Women subconsciously think that a man who can last a very long time dancing can also last considerably long doing a different and very intimate activity.

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Now while I am not saying that you should be taking up dancing lessons, learning a few dance moves could be a very valuable investment for you.

And forget the myth that dancing is only for a handful of people. It’s simply all about moving your body gracefully to the beat. Just like any other skill, beginning with just a few simple moves is a great way to start the whole thing off.

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