The Reason She Is Avoiding Sex With You

The Reason She Is Avoiding Sex With You

January 17, 2014  |  Give Women More Sexual Pleasure

Now, while you may feel like you have all the sexual tricks you need up your sleeve to turn your lover on and make her want sex… All your techniques could mean nothing if you make this one simple mistake.

The mistake I’m talking about is smell.

Let me explain what I mean…

A few years back I came across a psychology book that explained in detail the importance smell has when it comes to sexually arousing a woman.

A woman’s sense of smell basically has the ability to set off hormones in their bodies that can make them want to get intimate with a guy. It is so powerful that this reaction can be almost instantaneous, triggering the first phases of sexual arousal in a woman in mere milliseconds.

Unfortunately, it can also repel a woman’s interest in sex .

The same hormones that get a woman going for sex also trigger danger signals in the brain when they detect odors that aren’t pleasant. Instead of getting her sexually aroused, they bombard her brain with an overload of alarm messages.

This simply means you won’t be getting her ready for a lovemaking no matter how hard you try. These hormones cancel out the sexual pleasure and satisfaction her body processes, leaving you high and dry in the bedroom. And just to make it worse, no amount of sexual techniques can fix it.

Now here’s the good news…

I also found out that women have a preference for specific scents that help speed up their sexual arousal. The next time you’re shopping for a cologne or perfume, make it a point to go for musky and woody selections since they don’t just smell clean, but also aren’t as aggressive as other scents.

A couple of dabs on the wrist and behind the ears is enough to get the job done.

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