Why She's Not Orgasming Anymore

Why She’s Not Orgasming Anymore

Making your lover orgasm when you get between the sheets is definitely on top of your lovemaking checklist. And you know you’ve successfully pulled it off when you see your partner squirm uncontrollably and hear her moan like crazy in bed.

Now while this may sound surprising, there will come a time when your lover will find orgasming rather tricky. Sure you may have all the best sexual tricks up your sleeve, but making one seemingly insignificant mistake will easily break her chances of reaching the big O in the long run.

And this mistake is making sex a routine. Allow me to explain this more in detail…

One very remarkable thing that I’ve discovered over years of studying the secrets of becoming an unforgettable lover is women tend to become desensitized with even the most intense sexual feelings and sensations if they think that they’re getting too much of it.

Let me put it this way…

Imagine you’re getting a massage. Now while you will immediately feel a rush of pleasure and excitement when the stroking and rubbing starts, experiencing the same sensations again and again will considerably minimize the satisfaction you will get.

There’s even a chance that you won’t find them pleasurable anymore as well.

Now let’s use the same analogy for the sexual techniques you use on your lover. Although she may prefer specific foreplay moves or she likes getting her erogenous zones stimulated in a certain way, your partner will eventually find them not as pleasurable anymore when she experiences the same things just every time things get hot in the bedroom.

You’re even running the risk of making your partner disinterested in sex bit by bit if she thinks that she’ll just have a repeat performance when you prep up for lovemaking.

Now while I am not saying that you should reinvent the wheel in terms of pleasuring her in bed, it’s smart to update your sexual playbook from time to time. Besides thinking of ways how to improve her favorite techniques, it’s also a good idea to learn new things that you can use to get her going between the sheets and eventually make her orgasm.

You can start by stimulating new erogenous zones that you don’t normally focus on or perhaps adding in new elements that will make a seemingly old sexual technique feel new. You can even integrate kinky elements like sex toys in the mix just to take it up a notch.

And just like an amazing massage, you’re sure that she’ll be back for more sooner than you think.

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